Connecting responsibilities

Everyone wants to be a good worker. The trick as a professional is to stay in contact with this inner drive. For organisations it is important to cherish this personal motivation among their employees, and to breathe new life into it when necessary. Clarity about the roles and responsibilities is essential for this. Organisational development will flourish if you can mobilise the insights that are already present within the organisation. The Good Worker helps make these insights explicit, and to connect them with each other.

Our services

The Good Worker specialises in research and support within healthcare.


We provide this in the form of:

Our approach

Our work is based on a clear vision of medical professionalism: the Mindful Professional Model™. This model maps out various types of responsibilities. In doing so it makes the connections between the diverse realities as they are perceived by those involved in governance, by the directors and the work floor.

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Our clients

Our clients are hospitals, institutions for short-term and long-term care, primary care providers, education and further training institutes, and municipalities. In recent years we have worked (among others) for:


As governors, directors or management, you strive to provide healthcare as effectively and efficiently as possible. Would you like to find out how you can involve the work floor more closely in achieving quality improvement? If so, please call us or email us for an exploratory meeting.

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