The Good Worker - Mindful professionalism

Mindful professionalism

Everyone wants to be a good worker. As a professional, the key is to stay in touch with your own drive. For organizations, it is important to nurture the personal motivation of their staff and reinvigorate it where necessary. Clarity about roles and responsibilities is essential in this.

The Good Worker helps to achieve these aims by offering a wide selection of innovative methods, developed on the basis of a distinctive model of professionalism. Mindful professionalism – working with an awareness of yourself and your surroundings – is our starting point in this.

The Good Worker model™

As a professional, you are always connected to your surroundings, whatever you do. Within the relationships that professionals maintain with their surroundings, we distinguish three partly overlapping domains: Care, Teamwork and Accountability. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or administrator, these three types of relationships shape the content of your work and the role you play in it, through a process of continuous interaction. Each of these relationships entails a specific type of responsibility.


  • Care

    The Care domain involves your primary work processes. It is about how you relate to the people or things for which you take care, as a professional. The specific expertise you provide will vary according to the field in which you work, but ultimately the people or things under your care depend on you as a professional.

    Legislation, guidelines, organizational decision-making and policy provide the framework in which you act. But, in practice, it is ultimately you as a professional who defines how you deal with the relationships in the Care domain. This calls for constant reflection on your professional performance, as you continually subject the core areas of your discipline to renewed scrutiny.

  • Teamwork

    In order to do your work, you maintain relationships with other professionals. Within The Good Worker model™, relationships in the Teamwork domain are based on equality. The contribution of professional expertise made by each individual is what binds it all together. Effective collaboration is an essential ingredient of quality performance. Moreover, the type of collaboration has a strong influence on how much everyone enjoys their day-to-day work. From a professional perspective, the key is to ensure that the relations within the Teamwork domain always serve the primary working process and at the same time become a source of inspiration and professional growth.

  • Accountability

    The Accountability domain is all about the relationships you have with the people or things to which you are accountable. This accountability may vary in nature: it could be financial, administrative, ethical or legal, etc. As a professional, you are subject to the demands that these relationships involve. These may sometimes conflict with your own priorities. For example, you do not want filling in forms for quality assurance purposes to eat into the time that you can spend with your clients.

    Key to this is ensuring that the relationships within the Accountability domain always remain at the service of your responsibilities in the other two domains.


Taking your own course and direction whilst still living up to the demands of your professional relationships: this is the type of mindful professionalism we aim to introduce you to. It is an attitude to work that requires constant practice. Our services include a variety of practical methods that enable and promote this practice. We cannot guarantee that you will become the good worker that you wish to be straight away. What we can promise is that you will experience an ever greater sense of purpose and enjoyment as you proceed towards your aim.