About us

The Good Worker is a consultancy company for the healthcare industry. A key characteristic of our approach is that we connect the goals of senior management with those of the work floor. We base our work on people's aspiration to do good and to achieve something meaningful; a drive that we share with healthcare professionals. Our approach is focused on practicality whilst having a sound basis in academic theory.


We combine striving for quality with giving meaning and enjoyment from work. All the insights needed for an organisation to function well are already present within the organisation, in our experience. By making these insights explicit and linking them together based on clear roles and responsibilities, a sustainable, effective and efficient organisation is created, where people can enjoy their work.

Mindful Professional Model™

Mindful Professional Model™

We work on the basis of a model for integrated professionalism which we have developed ourselves. The Mindful Professional Model helps people gain insight into the various responsibilities in relation to:

  • The person who you as a professional care for
  • The colleagues with whom you collaborate
  • The parties or matters which guarantee the legitimacy of your work


André Kalden & Myra van Zwieten

The Good Worker is formed around the founders André Kalden and Myra van Zwieten. We offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the field of interim management, ICT, supervision, education, project management, psychology and scientific research.

Innovation lab

Together with partners from our (inter) national network The Good Worker develops methodologies and tools relating to:

  • Mindful professionalism
  • Moral mindfulness
  • Online collaboration


Are you interested in the services of The Good Worker? You might wish to engage our services in the interests of:

  • Certification
  • Safety & supervision
  • Mergers & Reorganisations
  • ICT-implementation
  • Organisational culture & ethics
  • Teambuilding
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction

Our costs are predictable and we budget tightly on the basis of a previously established one-off or periodic flat fee. Interim evaluation, based on agreed targets, keeps our work transparent. Are you interested? If so, then call us or email us for an exploratory meeting. We will be pleased to talk about what The Good Worker can achieve for your organisation.