Interprofessional collaboration

In the event of a glitch in the functioning of a team, external support can sometimes offer a way forward. The same applies in the case of a team that wishes to take a following step in (inter) professional development in a structured manner.

Team coaching

We always design team coaching projects on a custom basis, in consultation with the client. Depending on the aims and working methods these are performed by Myra van Zwieten, Pieternel Geurts and/or André Kalden. Workshops with Marc van Roon may form a specific element of the support provided to the team.

The Good Worker is able to offer the following as standard services:

  • Workshop: Inter-professional teambuilding
  • Workshop: Clarity of roles
  • Workshop: Requesting feedback
  • Peer review

Workshop Interprofessional teambuilding

A strong team spirit is essential for effective collaboration. Teams within healthcare nearly always comprise a variety of disciplines. In this situation, it is particularly important to keep sight of shared goals.

In our workshops, we help teams to reflect on what it is that they all stand for. How does each team member contribute to the care for the patient from the perspective of his/her own role? What is the relationship between roles, and how can you reinforce each other in this? The workshop on interprofessional teambuilding offers scope for an exchange of ideas on this subject.

A-V-A methodology

The Good Worker's workshops are light-hearted and innovative. We can work with any group – large, small, homogeneous or diversified. Based on 30 years of experience of training and education, we have developed the so-called A-V-A methodology, made up of the three elements: Appreciative, Visual and Activating.


Whatever changes or developments you wish to introduce as a team, it is important to make sure that these incorporate the things that are already going well. In our workshops the first thing we always do is to reflect carefully on the positive elements within the existing teamwork.


A picture says more than a thousand words, and that is also true in the case of professional development projects. We use visual material creatively to make our workshops accessible and effective.


The more actively members participate, the greater the result. In our experience, it is possible to devise an activating working method for any subject, however complex or abstract it may be.

Workshop Clarity of roles

Effective care thrives on a clear understanding of roles. In the workshop Clarity of roles, we make roles, objectives and responsibilities understandable and open for discussion. We do this by making use of the Mindful Professional Model™. The workshop can be held for individual disciplines as well as on an inter-disciplinary basis.

Workshop Requesting Feedback

Feedback forms an essential element of good collaboration. Giving feedback is often awkward, just like receiving feedback at a time when you are not really ready to receive it. This is why we focus on the art of requesting feedback. Also because discussing feedback works better if it is related to your own process of professional growth and development. In the workshop Requesting Feedback, we work with a structured method in order to teach this simple principle to employees at all levels within the organisation.

Peer review

"Everybody wants to be a good worker, but not everybody wants to be the same good worker"

What is a good worker? Ideas about this vary from one person to the next. Everybody wants to be a good worker, but not everybody wants to be the same good worker. So an important question is also who you wish to be as a good worker. What do you wish to achieve with your work? How does that wish relate to the roles and responsibilities that you fulfil in practice from day-to-day? And how do you remain true to yourself in this process? These are the sorts of questions that come up in our peer review sessions. In addition to the peer review methods that are generally in use, we use our own method for this which we call Appreciative Moral Reflection, and the reflection exercises of


Are you interested in support in the area of interprofessional collaboration? You might wish to engage our services in the interests of:

  • Certification
  • Safety & supervision
  • Mergers & Reorganisations
  • ICT-implementation
  • Organisational culture & ethics
  • Teambuilding
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction

Our costs are predictable and we budget tightly on the basis of a previously established one-off or periodic flat fee. Interim evaluation, based on agreed targets, keeps our work transparent. Are you interested? If so, then call us or email us for an exploratory meeting. We will be pleased to talk about what The Good Worker can achieve for your organisation.