Management & leadership

Management support makes it possible to excel. The Good Worker combines good practices from the international business world with experience within the healthcare sector. Ideas on human behaviour which are inspired by Asian teachings result in a unique approach of coaching.

Response ability

The Good Worker helps connect the responsibilities within an organisation and provides support in actually taking responsibility. The word responsibility refers to having the capacity to respond appropriately.

"The Good Worker helps connect the responsibilities within an organisation and provides support in actually taking responsibility"

Professionals in senior management are often expected to come up with a response in complex situations in a relatively short period of time. Complex matters like mergers, the introduction of new ICT systems, or a change of direction require a considered approach, with the ability to maintain an overview of all the underlying interconnected aspects. In these types of situations external support can help to guarantee quality of work.

Management support

Among other things, The Good Worker can support the directors in setting goals for improvement, making vision and policy visible, or connecting operational goals to those of the primary care processes. If necessary, we can attend (directors) consultation meetings for an agreed period of time or offer other forms of hands-on support.

Interim Management

If the situation is extremely complex, or if the required competencies are not sufficiently present within the organisation, then external management can offer the solution in the short term. The Good Worker offers interim management at the board level, general operational level, and with ICT. Unlike in the case of management support, with interim management we take over responsibilities temporarily.

Executive coaching

Steering an organisation as upper management is a top sport. Performing at the highest level within the world of sport would be unthinkable without coaching. There is also a growing awareness in the world of management that coaching is necessary in order to achieve excellence. Adjustments – sometimes minimal – to approach, attitude and skills can lead to significant differences in experience and result. A good coach makes all the difference here.

André Kalden has been coaching international executives for 15 years now, both within and outside the field of healthcare. His methods are the result of his extensive international management experience, combined with the intensive spiritual teaching that he has received in India and Nepal over the last three decades. The coaching that André offers is concrete and focused on results. His opening questions are:

  • What do you wish to achieve, cultivate and create?
  • What do you wish to leave unchanged, protect and preserve?
  • What influences would you like to stop, to call a halt to?

In combination with the application of the Mindful Professional Model™, this leads to a profound and, at the same time very practical, form of coaching.


Are you interested in support in the area of management & leadership? You might wish to engage our services in the interests of:

  • Certification
  • Safety & supervision
  • Mergers & Reorganisations
  • ICT-implementation
  • Organisational culture & ethics
  • Teambuilding
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction

Our costs are predictable and we budget tightly on the basis of a previously established one-off or periodic flat fee. Interim evaluation, based on agreed targets, keeps our work transparent. Are you interested? If so, then call us or email us for an exploratory meeting. We will be pleased to talk about what The Good Worker can achieve for your organisation.